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and the pictures are proof. how turned the world of one musician upside down. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. . good evening, it's tuesday september 18th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. seven weeks from today and while nationwide indicated an exclusive new says president obama made a considerable leap over mitt romney here in california. the voters now say they will vote for president obama. 34 percent of supporting republican opponents and now romney is at the center of a new controversy over comments made back in mae. what romney said and how the white house is responding. >> the young at a florida fundraiser were posted on the web site of liberal magazine mother jones. you can't hear all the questions asked of the candidates, but you can hear answer like this one
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about obama's supporters. >> there are 47% to have people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% who are with him who believe that they are victims who mrooef the fwovt has responsibility to care for them. >> the obama campaign seized on the story. >> when you're president of the united states, you are president of all the people, not just the people who voted for you. you've heard the president say so many times because he deeply believes it that we're in this together, all of us. >> late monday night romney told reporters his comments were not but defended the message. >> do you believe in a government-centered society that provides more and more benefits or do you believe instead in a free enterprise society where people are able to pursue their dreams? i believe the latter will help more people get good jobs. >> romney is also reported joking about wishing he had
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latino heritage and expressing doubt about prospects. if kind of publicity he was looking for with the election less than 50 days out. i'm stay see koe han report. >> more details now on that romney video. san francisco mother jones got the magazine says a big one. . >> pretty phenomenal. we've had double the traffic our biggest day ever. we've been picked up by news outlets all over the world. >> the san francisco based magazine has racked up millions of views on its web site. in a curious political twist it was president jimmy carter's grandson 35-year-old james carter the fourth who helped convince the source to turn over the video to magazines. . here's new video in our news room of president obama on the late show with david letterman. the president took a shot at romney for writing off a big chunk to have country.
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>> my expectation is if you want to be president, you've got to work for everybody, and the --. >> president obama said that when he won the election in 2008, he made a point to reach out to voters who supported his opponent john mccoin. now, you can hear from james carter. scroll down to the hot topic section. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi is now in the hands of board of supervisors and the clock is. the ethic committee today ruled each board member at city hall. the board now has three days to decide whether to keep mirkarimi in office or permanently remove him. all this stems from an altercation on new year's eve last year between mirkarimi and his wife that left her arm bruised. the family of a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared on an amtrak train says he now may have fallen from the train. they found dowd standing near a train door thursday night and
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another passenger later found an exterior door open. dowd's family says the search spans 160 miles between colorado and nebraska from san mateo traveling to montreal to visit his son. he's announced his retirement but san jose police chief says the job isn't done yet. he plans to retire early next year but wants to reassure the public of the city who's capable of handling a decent rise in crime. he doesn't believe in retirement and announced will shake the public's confidence. >> i have four months left. still a lot of work to do on a daily basis here, and i'm going to continue to work literally until the last day. >> one of san jose's main problems despite crime will be addressed tonight at a public community meeting. seems to be rebuilding his empire from behind bars. store front in oakland mission has reemerged online under a new name.
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one of the on this side is established a so-called securities defense guard members in defend against enemies. several police spoke in oakland would not appear on camera out of fear of but say he was a welcome neighbor. >> well, you can say it's worse because they -- they used to stand outside like, like, like how could you say it? like street security. . >> three consecutive life sentences for murder after learning what he uncovered the department of corrections and rehabilitation launched an investigation this afternoon to see if any laws are being broken. oakland police are searching for a suspect tonight after a woman was shot outside a school in east oak. it happened about 6:30 this afternoon. school spokesperson tells us the woman was shot while in the car with a child. school was on lock down for about ten minutes. the woman was taken to the hospital and told she has
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life-threatenings injuries. new at 7:00 a san francisco school that was flooded when a water main broke two weeks ago still waiting for outdoor to be cleaned. live in san francisco where parents at our lady of the church are upset and want everything church. >> that's right, gasia. take a look at this. all of these balls through here in the baseball field where the kids krnt get because cleanup crews say the ground is contaminated by sewage water that came when the water main broke three weeks ago and that's not all. the gym also flooded again overnight and the parents are angry. >> when i walked in, you can see how shiny the ground was, and it was all water. >> athletic director james wong says the gym floor at our lady of visitation church was covered in water again. he took this video last night of water seeping across the wooden floor. he say it is water collection bins at the cleanup crews had placed there overflow sgld the water started right about where the fan is, and it was from the
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blue line all the way back. >> the gym first flooded back in august 28th. the nearby water main broke. crews got the classrooms cleaned and back wan week, but the gym is still off limits and wong says the floor is beginning to warp. the school has had to cancel more than 50 events including sports and annual fundraiser. >> i would like it fixed. do you see people here working on it? . >> we're really handicapped right now because we don't have a gym. >> principal baseball field is also contaminated by the sewage water. we tracked down the public utility spokesman tyrone. he says the arch die sees contract is to blame. >> we were out there for immediate cleanup, but we were instructed to pull back and let their contractors take over. >> i called the arch dioces back to ask about the delay, but i have not heard from them at all this afternoon.
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they say that if something is fixed they will have to cancel more events in the coming weeks. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. california's committee voted today tax niche yit failed november under the so-called contingency strategy if proposition 30 failed tuition would go up 5% in january. that would mean in-state undergraduates would pay an additional $150 a semester. the board is set to vote on this plan tomorrow. the chicago public schoolteachers have voted to suspend their seven-day class. the union representatives aparently felt they're close enough to a deal. among the issues are extra hour of work each day and teacher evaluation. . the price of crude oil slipped less than $96 a barrel today, and that's on the heels of yesterday's 3% decline during a rapid sell off by traders. it's the biggest percentage drop
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in nearly two months. there are reports saudi arabia is seeking production to drive oil prices lower. . stocks finished last. dow industrial gained about 11. nasdaq shipping giant fedex stanford on trading. am hit a new milestone. today close above $700 for the first time ever. investors are buying into enthusiasm over the new iphone 5 slated to roll out friday. san francisco police are reporting more news of a scam that targeting elderly chinese women. authorities have been holding community meeting such that has one today. the da's office says the female scam artist convinces their victims to put their money or jewelry in a bag to ward off. the victims are told to wait a few days to open the bag only to discover the valuables are gone and the bag. >> they believe that they give all the money to that.
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those people who are trying to tell them how they can get rid of the sickness or how they can get rid of problems, and we -- we told them that's not true. >> say they recently arrested three women but believe there's a second ring still operating. apparently the only heir to small gold. nevada man who died left cash gold bars and coins with as much as $7 million in boxes inside his home. now, we've learned the man's cousin arlene magden may be his only living heir. we try today get in touch with her today at home and by phone, but he did not respond. . caught on video, a well couple walking out the door with an expensive instrument. a crime caper that carried a sour note. >> it's about to get the special treatment, and what a treatment it's going to get. 730 nights of white still ahead.
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. the final days of summer will possess a taste of fall. i'll have what you can expect for your wednesday coming up. [ chirps ]
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. now county firefighters recovering from while san diego mexican restaurant. it happened past 2:00 a.m. at grill on east 14th street. firefighter was at an event in the roof when he cut his leg with a circular saw. may have started in a dumpster behind the restaurant but the investigation is ongoing. . now to san francisco where police are looking for two suspects who walked off with a musical instrument worth five figures. david stevenson reports piece of video evidence may help crack the case. >> san francisco police
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investigators are calling them bonnie and clyde. that's after this well-dressed couple entered san francisco's music sunday afternoon and allege dri stole a cello. >> we have them on video trying offers and committing a burglary. >> police say the couple checked row upon row of lockers until they found one that wasn't secured they're seen her running down a hallway and exiting through a door. >> it was very violating to see people handling my instruments that i've had for so long. >> 23-year-old adam young has owned the hand maid cello for more than half his life. he plays publicly with a quartet to help compliment is school scholarship. the thieves stole more than his instrument. >> i carry a binder full of music in the back of my cello case. it has all original arrangements that i've done that i've had to play. >> it's the second recent major theft in the school.
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in mae of last year this man was arrested for stealing a student's $23,000 french vie line out of a practice room. . i really need it back. it's a part of me. >> nthers want anyone who recognizes this couple or has any information on the theft to call police. tlas reward offered for the return to have cello. ktvu channel news. police in redwood city are also hoping a surveillance video will help them catch thieves. investigators say several of cameras caught a young man committing a burglary at a home on lions street august 30th. police say a burglar entered through a sliding glass door in the back of the home and took electronic items and jewelly. there is a reward in this case and anyone with information is asked to call redwood police. go to under the video player. half of the adults in california could be obese by the
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year 2030. that's more than double the current obesity rate of 23%. there are from the robert wood foundation. status includes could save almost 82 billion $in healthcare cost every adult in our state reduced their body mass by 5% during the next 20 years. a small victory today for the royal family. a french court has ordered the magazine to hand over all digital images showing kate sunbathing topless. the magazine was given 24 hours to turn over those photos or be fined 10,000 ewe rows a day. the ruling does not apply to other magazines that has already published the photos. the royal family is now filing a criminal complaint against the photographers involved. . will and kate were in good spirits dancing with the natives on the island nation. this is the last stop in the tour of that region.
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investigators say a nevada man who lost boat this morning may have been driving under the influence. nevada boulevard stafford lakes before 7:00 a.m.. authorities say 46-year-old richard marshall veered off the road, rolled and slammed into a tree. the boat ended up in a creek and firefighters had to use the jaws of life. police say marshall suffered spinal injuries and needed surgery. golden gate briblg officials announced today that a big change is coming. starting in december the bridge will convert to all electronic toll taking. officials say the change will alleviate traffic congestion and save $19 million over eight years. drivers will have three choices, use the fastrak system or buy a one-time ticket across the bridge. the bridge district says it will try to offer 32 toll takers other positions in the agency. a new art display will illuminate the bridge in a never
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before seen way. for the past two decades bay bridge has in light at night. consumer editor report it is view at night is about to change dramatically. >> this light looming other the city will soon get an amazing facelift. >> why this additional layer, i think it can bring technology, afrt, and really activate the bridge in a unique way. >> this is the artist animation of how 25,000 lights connected to 300 vertical cables will glisten for two years starting in march. >> the power of ours to let people see it new, see it fresh and really recognize and celebrate the beauty that it is. >> some was done in 1986. >> remember when we originally strung the lights on top of the bay bridge? we had a lot of similar concerns about that. it's very organic very sit l structures. we mrooef it's going to be so popular people aren't going to want to have it taken down.
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>> the total cost 8 and a half million dollars, two and a half not yet raised. >> almost near impossible path, which has been done and the process officially started as of today. >> the current and two former mayors applaud it. >> if you're the head of commissioners, you don't have a budget that can come close to what this will do to promote san francisco. >> just think about all of that really going to be. it makes you say, okay, 49ers, go onto san jose. >> for safety, all of these lights will point to the north and to the west meaning that anyone on either deck of the bridge will be disturbed by them. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. major invater died today at the age of 69 from brain cancer in new jersey. stable and his father ed created and filmed in 1964. stable held that his father was
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inducted into the nfl hall of fame. the younger stable said they saw as art and the game's greatest moments. he won 35 emmys in several different categories. . two of the silver screen's most popular leading men are up in the bay area. coming up star sitings that are link today a company in silicon valley. . and meteorologist tells us when we can expect warm weather and the sun cool down on the horizon. and if you're on the go or away from the tv you can still watch ktvu news casts live on your computer or tab let. get the app or go to
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. take a look inside reservoir near twin peaks so can begin size mick. officials say it's the final project within the city of san francisco's massive upgrade water system. the reservoir is expected to be completed in 2015 as part of a much larger billion-dollar water improvement project still ongoing. rour mote rolgs rose mary
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orozco. >> yeah. it's nice out there but definitely cooler than we should be 5 to 10 degrees especially inland. on shore breeze haz has been with us in the last hour or so. westerly wind at 21 miles per hour, 23 in fairfield to delta you're feeling that breeze. upper 50s in san francisco. low 60s in san jose. 60s in part of the north bay. some of us over the north bay a few degrees warmer than yesterday, and if you are inland east bay you are slightly cooler than yesterday. temperatures are going to remain below normal. we'll have fog in the normal, that ridge of high pressure still sticking with us, but it's this low off the coast that keeps this marine layer and continues that on shore breeze. we'll have the on shore breeze with us again on wednesday. tomorrow morning when you wake up, fog along the coastline even at this hour still off the coast. mostly clear skies around the area but by 7:00 tomorrow morning it's back across the bay over the north bay, but it's
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burning off. patchy fog expected most to have afternoon. a lot like today. tomorrow going to be a lot like today. tomorrow morning we wake up it's a cool start once again in santa rose sa. 46 degrees expected, 48 in napa. livermore around the bay between san jose low 50s. for tomorrow afternoon looking pretty good. 73 for you, 74 for nevada, 66 for oakland, mid to upper 70s for most of the inland east bay. 78 for livermore. low 80s in antioch and that will be one of the hotter spots. 73 degrees for san jose as well as santa claer ra. 73 degrees sunnyvale along peninsula mild day in redwood city 68 for you. 68 palo alto, 63 san francisco along the coast with mostly sunny skies for the second half of the day. your extended forecast by thursday and friday we begin to warm up.
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temperatures still a little below average for this time of year. first day of fall arrives saturday morning. we'll hold onto those inland but as we get into sunday a cooler day and up to 70s expect hotter. meanwhile along the coast partly cloudy skys and low 60s in the forecast for the weekend. gasia. thank you. google's new hollywood film. vins vaun and o wen wilson star in internship started filming saturday. laid up workers in their 30s that then become interns at google. the two actors have been spotted around town lately. said to release some time next year. well, thank you for trusting ktvu chnl 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our conch continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we'll investigate why lawmakers in one bay area city are deciding whether to set aside a day to honor bisexuals.
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tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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